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A Christmas to Remember
by Ben Anthony

Sean and Frances, happily married with two lovely twin daughters, Tania and Juliana, had been enjoying the bliss of  Christmas for years.However, Ron, Sean's friend of twenty years, ruined the bliss the Sean and his family have been having. But there was an "11TH Hour miracle" that surfaced suddenly...

Benny & Penny
by Lily Murphy

Benny and Penny lead a pathetic existence in a seedy town where drinking and fighting is the glue that keeps them together. However they can only go living that way for so long.

Doggie Dreams
by Gary Beck

Despite conflicts with his efforts as a playwright, and complications in personal relationships, a young man tries to help his dog satisfy his sexual needs and discovers endless difficulties, some amusing, some bizarre.

Killing the Dream
by Sharon Thompson

Meredith is a struggling young writer. To be more successful, she is told to write about what she knows. Methodically Meredith prepares to become published. When she writes of murder it seems her dreams, may come true.

Last Chance
by Alice Baburek

Tim Haller is in a rut.  He feels his life could be so much more without his family.  But things suddenly change when fate stares him in the face.

Leaving a Mark
by Abha Iyengar

Suman has her reasons for finding the seclusion of a shed on some days, and wearing what she does.

Prisoners of War
by Marie Castronuovo Ascolese

Against the backdrop of the Viet-Nam War, a young girl struggles to understand the turmoil  the war has created in her Brooklyn neighborhood and learns that in war, even those who stay home and wait are prisoners.

Stormy Weather
A Nautical Yarn
by Dan Boylan

The old sea Captain sits by his window overlooking the river port as a storm blows up. He watches the sailing ships mooring up for a safe anchorage; his heart heavy with nautical adventures and nostalgia. The storm has damaged a ship in the estuary and his expertise is called to lead the rescue.

The Body in the Bath
by Lo-Arna Green

This story is about a body in a bath, how did the body get there, who is it...

The Mission
by Eileen Everitt

An elderly lady is so distressed by the loss of her wedding ring, she is forced to attempt murder in order to retrieve it.

The Sex Diet
by A. R. Alan

The discovery of a new weight loss program...

The Troubled Fetus
by Kristopher Miller

A fetus who has a male and a female apparition of its future self battling over who the fetus will be after it is fully formed and born. The story satirizes "gender wars" and give some social commentary about how each gender is treated.

Top Dog
by Salvatore Buttaci

After seven years in prison, thanks to a betrayal that earns him a plea-bargaining reduction from a life sentence, Angelo Conte returns home to an empty life without money, self-respect, or Melanie the wife he loved. And there is more to lose.

A Blade of Grass Between Two City Stones
by Mark Blickley

Almost Shipwrecked
on Byzantium
by James Walton

Burning Rags
by Scott Thomas Outlar

Crown the King
by Sandy Elizabeth Nutter

Dead Body Breathing
by Andrew Scott

Holey Ground
by John A. Todras

by iDrew

Last Rites
by Christine Stoddard

Living on the South
Side of Worcester
by Kristina England

Love Text
by Ava Bird

Martin the Elephant
by Jenny Ní Ruiséil

by Karen Mary Berr

Natural Confrontations
by Yuan Changming

Ode to a River
by Anthony Mondal

The Adolescent Wind
by Sanjaya Kumar Mishra

The Divorce
by Brian Judge

by Mac McGovern

Yellow Poem
by Corey Howard

The Jewish Bride
by Roseline Glazer

This whimsical submission is an imagination of a most unlikely woman meeting the Pope before he was the Pope and their reunion some years later.

Writing Clubs and Critique Groups: Good Thing or Bad
by Stephen Morrill

2020: The Fall of
Islamic States
by Sohrab Chamanara
Reviewed by AllBooks Review

Between the Sheets
This month, Ditch and Weeb review
Everything Matters!
by Ron Currie Jr.

Case Histories
by Kate Atkinson

Memoirs of a Midget
by Walter de la Mare

The Harvest Man
by Alex Grecian

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Accepted submissions so far include work from: published and awarded Irish authors: Mary T. Bradford, Teresa Sweeney, Barbara Leahy, Patrick Doherty; Chinese-American multiple-Pushcart nominee Changming Yuan (editor: Poetry Pacific, Vancouver); Oscar- and Grammy-winning Indian songwriter, scriptwriter and poet Gulzar and many others!

The Sex Diet
By A. R. Alan

     If you're anything like me, you've tried every diet there is, and swallowed every pill promising to be the new fat-burning, no-exercise wonder drug. Not only didn't any of those diets work for me, but I found it created awkward side effects. Either I was constantly running to the toilet, or I was taking laxatives because I couldn't. Either way, it seemed like I was always shopping for toilet paper.
     Then one day, I radically changed my life when I got up the guts and filed papers to divorce my loud-mouthed, cheating husband, Howie. I figured I'd start all over again. Unfortunately, as soon as I did that, depression took over. How could I start over? Who would look at me when I couldn't stand looking at myself? I was nothing more than a middle-aged, over-stuffed sausage, I thought.
     That evening I sat down with a pint of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream, and had a long talk with myself.
     "Shirley." I said aloud. "The hell with the way you look. Go for it! Do all the things you always wanted to." Suddenly, I had a brilliant insight: the one thing I never experienced was good sex, let alone great sex!
     The following morning, I joined an Internet Dating Service and advertised: "Older Woman Looking to Fulfill Younger Man's Dreams."
     The very same day I got on line, I was inundated with emails from men of all ages telling me they were looking for a meaningful relationship. Meaningful relationship? Who the heck needed that? What I wanted was to shed my extra pounds by having sex. Wild, thumping, bumping, uninhibited sex, seven days and seven nights a week. I wanted to scream and howl in ecstasy.
     After corresponding with at least 50 men, I narrowed it down to Jake, Richard, and Hal, each more handsome and virile looking than the other. The men were perfect for me, because each was willing to come over to my house for an organic salad, followed by an evening where they acted out the part of my love-slave. Not only did my experiment turn out to be great fun, but I discovered I had lost a whopping 10 pounds by the end of the first week. Well, I've lost 50 pounds now, feel fantastic and have added 2 more men to my harem.
     Last week I went to see Doc. Henderson for my regular 3-month checkup, and he was concerned about my rapid weight loss, so I told him the truth. Not only did he think my sex diet was brilliant, but he gave up playing golf on Wednesday afternoons and now spends that time between my sheets.
     In fact, Doc. Henderson is so thrilled with HIS weight loss; he wants to collaborate on a book. We've decided to call it: "The Sex Diet For Dummies."
The End

By Karen Mary Berr

It's all happening without mercy
on time and inevitably
like breathing.
Shadows in full blossom
suddenly pierce your crackled heart
in that blue hour before dark.
Before washing the dust out
of the day in the sink,
before lighting a cigarette
and smoking the world away
or simply getting undressed.
No matter what you've been doing before,
now you're the one naked,
the one alone.
You can clothe yourself in chain mail
you are naked,
but no one can see you.
Faces and words retire
behind soft padded walls.
Senses derive in their own cage,
under synthetic lights.
Each night there's less and less
carmine, less and less dope
in your favorite wine.
Then, here you are,
unable to lie or hide -
and all that breathes and sighs
slips on your skin,
Solitude has silked your body, entire.
Oh what a dirty little secret
is the chamber of your dissolution.
You lie there like a peeled fruit
birds keep singing,
milk oozing from trees,
but your eye still open
has no meaning,
your pulse not stopping
is a vain trance.
Yet a tender rustling
comes along with it,
no louder than cigarette paper
As if buried within your cells
lodged a capacity for wings.
Maybe nothing of you will remain
except that frail music,
maybe like the moth
there's nothing else to save
ouside the chrysalis.
Life, before it liquefied
was just a tight net.
Now some voices in the dark
have the gall to call
you winged.
Oh please don't stop,
mystify them.

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